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“There is a war going on behind things, beneath them.”

Paul had been a forensic psychologist. But after his daughter’s funeral, he hit the rock bottom of a spiraling addiction. When the spirits of the dead started rasping their wishes in his ears, he fled New York for withering Oceanrest—a flat-broke city barnacled to Maine’s coast. There, he’s spent the last five years scraping by, trying to shake off the burdens of his past, pretending to be a man without context, without history, without the secret ability to speak with the dead. But soon, all of that will be taken away from him.

Deirdre’s spent the past fourteen years as a resident of Squatter City—the most distal and dilapidated of Oceanrest’s gangrenous appendages. Growing and harvesting a hydroponic farm of mystic flora and esoteric plantlife, she’s built a business as a drug dealer and apothecary. After years of relative peace, Deirdre’s life finally seems tenable. But when one of her regular clients double-crosses her, what little serenity she’s discovered quickly unravels.

Deirdre and Paul soon find themselves under attack from criminals and cultists, on the run from Quebecois mobsters, Aryan Nationalists, and a group of young men who seem dedicated to a cause of brutality and destruction on an apocalyptic scale.


What’s New, Creep?


YouTube Video: Personal Blog; 3 Weeks of Hallucinations

For over three weeks in 2018, I suffered numerous sleep paralysis and night terror episodes. Things did not develop particularly well from there.

This is a story about how I fell victim to my own mind, how sleep deprivation and hallucination led me to delusion. It’s not fun.

Flash Fic: The Oracle as We Burn

Out there in the woods, a tree unfurls its roots; they are nooses, its branches, bone. It claws at the clouds until sunlight spills out. Its decades aren’t carried in the rings of its trunk, but in the bodies hanged up unrevenged. How many children have hanged there? How many boogeymen have added to its collection of endings?

YouTube Video: Magic is Existentially Terrifying!

Check out my most recent blog entry and YouTube video for some theory related to how magic is existentially terrifying in every setting where it exists!



S. R. Hughes inhabits the glittering dreamways between blackened stars; but, corporeally, inhabits a small and treacherously messy apartment in Queens, New York. He writes supernatural crime, sci-fi, horror, and other strange genres.

S. R. Hughes has been featured in Sanitarium Magazine, as well as The Wild Hunt eZine, and on the Have You Heard the One? podcast. His newest novel, The War Beneath, is being released on October 1st, 2019, by Permuted Press.

i really didn’t think you’d read this

i really didn’t think you’d read this

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