The War Beneath


“There is a war going on behind things, beneath them.”

The War Beneath is S. R. Hughes’ newest novel, a supernatural crime thriller situated in the fictional city of Oceanrest, Maine.

One night, a drug-addled medium sees a terrifying ghost. In search of solace, Paul rushes to his friend Deirdre’s squat-turned-home in hopes of buying a handful of smokable peace and quiet. Unfortunately, that same night, Deirdre’s home is besieged by a group of violent Aryan Nationalists, who leave the two of them bound, robbed, and beaten.

Now, Deirdre’s livelihood and Paul’s sanity hang in the balance as they race to recover the stolen goods, protect a narrowing circle of friends, and confront the grim and brutal powers seeking to bury their bones in a pair of shallow graves. As their lives unravel, strange, dark things begin to surface…

Oceanrest isn’t a normal town. It never was.

What horrors lurk in the unwatched corners of our world? In the unlit narrowness of Oceanrest’s withered and poverty-wracked reaches, what hungry darkness waits?

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