You Resurrect From the Inside Out

I grew the new me beneath the old, my skin plump and taut like that of an overripe peach. Soon a phoenix will blet out of me. I press my fingertips against the tightness and feel my new self press back warmly.

I don’t remember when it started. Some time after the program. A lot of people who never had a problem are leery of the program but it works. I’m almost one years sober. You resurrect from the inside out. It starts small and grows. You have to let the dream inside, you have to let the hope inside of you, like a seed. It grows into the future.

This body is just a precursor to the next. This reality. The dream comes to me when I sleep, whispering the truth in my ears. There is a great tomorrow coming, believe me. The dream tells me so. It promises these things in my bones.

I think that when it happens, it’ll be beautiful. I imagine my new life coming out of me like light gleaming down from a stained glass window. I am the picture of the prophet colored in the glass, and the future is the light burning through, filling up the congregation. Reborn, I will stalk out of my unstitched skin as a purer, truer version of myself. I will be strong and safe and sober.

Come and live again with us.

We are all the mistakes of our pasts, but we don’t have to be. Come become the future with us. Come and live again.